Delivered into the wilderness with the pack

Having lost in district court against an angry landlord who made it look like the animals were destroying his house when we were watching and cleaning up 24-7 ; we had to move “all the sudden!”

By the way . . . I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a long time. This is the first Authentic Wolf Woman Blog.

It’s a good place to start in the journey as I’ve just been “delivered” into the mouth where town meets wilderness we have permission to be in; as it’s on private land.

I had to evacuate the wolf pack very quickly! At the end ; we just “had to get them out of there!”

One group of puppies looked very sad and had to be cared for along the way at a pet-friendly hotel.

The rest spent the night in their transport vehicles. We had locations for “just puppies” etc; however; anything other than the warm welcome of “running with your family and friends where all your favorite nanny’s and allies are by your side” ; I’m certain is the best medicine.

I don’t know what will happen or how long this location might work. (Or not) and if it “doesn’t work” who the new scared people will be. I’m hoping THIS TIME; if possible; as I always would prefer: to be more connected socially sooner and perhaps creating more integration or friendly willingness to work with us with kindness and training techniques for desired outcomes from anyone nearby ; at least until we have a base camp deeper into the wilderness.


It’s always better to ally more than one. (Even for wolves.) three is better.

I’ve been dropped here all alone (at least as a human)! Where’s my human pack? It’s more sad and harder and scarier alone. I’m doing it. Moment by moment; and it would be more sustainable and enjoyable with more than one person as the pack steward here.